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JK handicapped Association

Situation of specially abled people

It is estimated that one person out of ten is disabled by physical or
mental or sensory impairment, and at least 25% of any population adversely affected by disability. At least 350 million disabled persons are living in areas where they do not receive the services needed to enable them to overcome their limitations. Disabled people in the developing world often face more acute barriers than those in developed nations. Up to 80% of disabled persons live in isolated rural areas in the developing world. In addition, disabled people are the poorest of the poor. They often do not have access to adequate medical services.

Awards Organized by Handicapped Association Srinagar

Shri:- Abdul Rashid Bhat State President J&K Handicaped Association

Sh. Abdul Rashid bhat was born in Ahmad-abad, village in kulgam,his family consists eight (5 brothers and 1sister and parents )members to which 4th number was born by name of Abdul Rashid Bhat , a personality with moderate values, responsible, broad minded, at Aryhn the same time personality respect Islamic values. By birth he was suffering locomotors, after matriculation he got himself engaged in social services regarding to disabled peoples because at the same time he came to know that there is no-one in this society to stay/meets the needy nether in government or private sector. Shre. took responsibilities brilliantly on the basis of results of election of association as chief head on 10th of may 2011.even before since association came in to existence Abdul Rashid Bhat was working as under-Sectary /sectary& Gen-sectary with the said association (THE J&K HANDICAPPED ASSOCIATION)