Ramzan Appeal!

We are thankfull to everyone who supported us in the entire journey from 2018-19. we are looking forward for the same support in 2023-24 and Inshallah Always together we reach upto more people by helping them.

Promoting Inclusivity

Our Story

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J&K Handicapped Association is committed to offering a range of welfare activities to empower handicapped individuals, irrespective of their background, to lead fulfilling lives.

The inception of J&K Handicapped Association was driven by the vision of creating a more inclusive and supportive society for individuals with disabilities.

Over the years, J&K Handicapped Association has served a diverse range of clients, providing tailored support that meets the unique needs of each individual.

Core Values

Our commitment to inclusive and compassionate care drives our core values.


We believe in providing equal opportunities and support to all individuals, regardless of their background or abilities.


Our organization is founded on the principle of empathy and understanding towards the challenges faced by disabled individuals.


We strive to empower handicapped individuals by offering them the tools and resources they need to live independently and with dignity.

Make a Difference Today

Join us in creating a more inclusive society and supporting the well-being of handicapped individuals. Together, we can make a positive impact.

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